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Berries Foster – Summery Dessert Sauce

Berries Foster over ice cream with almond slices and mint leaf garnish

I was not planning to post this recipe this week. However, after talking to my youngest sister, Rayane, she told me that she misses having some vanilla ice cream topped with my Berries Foster.

I made this sauce once as a last minute dessert attempt and it became one of her favorites. I hope she reads this and tries to make it herself. (more…)

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Mud Pie – an easy and refreshing dessert

Mud Pie filled shell with coffee beans in the backgroud

Oreo cookies crust and Häagen-Dazs® coffee ice cream, what is not to love?

Mud Pie is one of my daughter’s (Gabi) favorite desserts. I think mostly because she loves coffee and we don’t let her drink any coffee. She is only 14, there is no need for coffee yet. And we have Grandma, Barbara Fielding, to thank for on this one. She taught us how to make it.

Mud Pie is also one of the easiest desserts to make in the world, possible in the planet, maybe even in this universe. And although it’s one single dessert, you have two options for serving: adult mode and child mode. (more…)

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